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    Alright as you have already probably guessed it I finally decided to release a first alpha version of this tool. It is currently designed in a pretty classic way in terms of how it can be used. But it already allows you to create / load / edit / save everything from a vehicle.

    As this is an alpha version it will probably still have quite a few bugs or weird behaviours but I hope you'll let me know about them so that I can...

    Real-Time Vehicle Editor - See new thread for Alpha 11 and above

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    I am making an exporter for Cinema 4D to automatically export multiple DAE objets and add them to the .mis file, to make a new level from static objects, but I am having trouble with the rotations.

    I see that the coordinates are, for example :

    position = "17.9594 -19.9791 8.28382";
    rotation = "0.436844 0.185447 -0.880214 51.4948";

    I don't recognize quaternion nor Euler, or maybe I am wrong, do you know what is this rotation format ? Or how I can I extract it from a matrix, or...

    Coordinates system in .mis file

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    Hi, I present thread for translations Beamng. Today, I spend a translation into Polish.

    How to install (temporarily):
    1. Unpack the ZIP file to C:\users\youusername\Documents\BeamNG.Drive\Mods;
    2. Done!

    Screens: View attachment 68898 View attachment 68899 View attachment 68900 View attachment 68901 View attachment 68902 View attachment 68903

    For information on updating the translation:
    When a new version...

    [UPDATE-16/10/05] Beamng Polish Translation

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    Hi again!

    I made this quick tutorial for you guys. I noticed that there is too little grip and it's just too unrealistic to me. My own car with shitty tires can corner bigger speeds than these cars!

    Unzip file - - - open super_wheels_r.jbeam (for example, with notepad++) - - - bigger friction coef (for example 1.30 to 1.40 , don't over shoot it)- - - Zip it back to the zip format - - - TADAA!

    If you notice that the grip is exelent, but the car keeps rolling over too easily, add more mass...

    Tires too slippery? D.I.Y. more grip

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  • 11/25/16--17:52: Radio/Music Player v0.8.2
  • Its there!

    But with some limitation (sorry some bugs just don't want to go away, working hard on fixing them :c)

    BEAMNG DEVS, (I love you a lot) ,READ THIS PLEASE:

    For the radio part of this mod i load multiple sound and the same time, they play at very low volume in the background when the player is not listening to them, only the one selected is playing.

    Thing is, when the engine starts working hard, like crashing the car hard, or on big maps like Jungle rock (Fukken awesome maps btw!)...

    Radio/Music Player v0.8.2

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    I present to you a modification for enhance graphics.
    View attachment 163572 View attachment 163573 View attachment 163574 View attachment 163575

    Trailer by @Mitki4a
    Mod based on ReShade 2.0.

    Graphic Compare of mod:

    What is bugged:
    1. DoF
    2. If you see write here

    Available versions of mod:
    -Low (No FPS Impact)

    Car_Killer's Graphics Enhancer v3.0 Open Beta 1

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  • 01/01/17--16:14: NodeBeam Editor v 0.37
  • Here seems to be many awesome editors already, but here is one more. I have started this already a few months ago, but it's going forward a little slow at the moment. :)

    NodeBeam Editor is a simple editor which can be used for building and editing node-beam structures for BeamNG and Rigs of Rods.

    Here is a full list of current features, bugs and future plans:

    View attachment 17962
    View attachment 17963
    View attachment 17965 ...

    NodeBeam Editor v 0.37

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    V2.1.1 Released!

    1. New feature! Drag a a Car model lua file into EngineConverter to enable Transmission conversion and Differential configuration (see screenshots below)

    View attachment 40880 View attachment 40881
    To make them work correctly, make sure to set the...

    All new Automation Engine Converter

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    I've recently added support for basic data in OutGauge to my dashboard software.
    Will add full data at some point in the future.

    See a demo here:

    Try the app here:

    Download server and view setup instructions here:

    Have fun :)

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    I've been watching some ''Crash compilation videos'' and I have noticed than in most crashes the hazard lights turn on automatically after a crah or after applying full brakes, so, as the title says, I have added a small code to the game that will turn on the hazard lights after a crash or after full braking. It uses the in-game G sensors, and whenever there is a read higher than 18 G the hazard lights are turned on (the value can be changed to be more/less sensitive), I'm uploading a video...

    Automatic hazard lights on accident + emergency brakes

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  • 02/04/17--21:19: truck2jbeam
  • This is a tool I've wanted to start for a long time. This tool is here to help those who know the *.truck format, be able to understand *.jbeam just as well.

    For those who don't know, *.truck is the format used in Rigs of Rods.

    It will currently convert the following sections:


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    Blender Exporter plugin

    The script is a fork from rmikebaker : Original forum
    I'm now the maintainer of his script because i ask him the permission to do so.

    Changes :
    • Use the export menu from blender (the old method still possible for now)
    • Export face as Collision triangle
      • Option to export them or not
      • Quad face are transformed...

    Blender Exporter plugin 0.2.0

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    Welcome to my first contribution to this forum.

    I present you a graphical improvement for which makes use of the advanced post-processing tool ReShade to deliver a fresh and revamped realistic image in real time. It features an exquisite balance of high quality SMAA, DEPTH OF FIELD, HDR, HPD, GAUSS, LUMASHARPEN, VIBRANCE, LIFT GAMMA GAIN, COLOR MOD, FILMIC PASS and...'s Visual Enhancement Project (VEP) - Official Thread

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    ** 1/4/2014 - BETA 0.0.1 RELEASED **

    Ok - so I've decided to release a beta to the wild

    I'm certain it's not perfect, so if you try it out and find issues, or have suggestions, please let me know. I'll do what I can to address them in a timely manner. Here's the basic stuff you need to know to start using it:

    View attachment 16715


    • ...

    Blender Script to Export Nodes and Beams

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  • 04/20/17--07:26: Outgauge.lua configuration
  • I would like to know if you know how to configure the file outgauge.lua to be able to get the turbo pressure and dashboard lights.
    Sorry for my english is not very good.
    Thank you

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  • 04/20/17--13:34: Input Action Editor
  • BeamNG Input Action Editor
    This is just one of my many tools in my "personal modding suite" for BeamNG.

    The intent of this program is to create your input actions from start to finish, as it cannot open JSON files. It relies on a custom format made for the editor.

    When you save a JSON file, the "IAE" file will be saved along with it so you can preform further edits.

    View attachment 261396

    For those who care:...

    Input Action Editor

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    I present to you a modification for enhance graphics.
    View attachment 249666 View attachment 249667 View attachment 249668 View attachment 249669

    Trailer by @Mitki4a
    Mod based on ReShade 3.0.6

    Available versions of mod:
    -Ultra (7 FPS Impact on MSI GTX 970 GAMING 4G)

    Install Instructions:
    1. Download ReShade 3.0 from:

    Car_Killer's Graphics Enhancer v4.0

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